ETHTallinn: The Biggest Web3 Hackathon in the Baltics

ETHTallinn: The Biggest Web3 Hackathon in the Baltics

We invite you to participate in the biggest web3 Hackathon in the Baltics & build applications on the blockchain.

🗓️ Dates: 19-21 April 2024

Duration: 3-days

📍 Location: Estonian Business School - A. Lauteri 3, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia

🏆 Overall prize pool of $34,000+

ETHTallinn Overview

ETHTallinn brings together web3 enthusiasts and developers in Estonia to get practical with blockchain technology and meet like-minded people. It’s the biggest web3 hackathon in the Baltics focused on digital assets & security - developing new ways for people interact with digital services and exchange digital value more securely.

Be one of our 200+ hackers developing 40+ projects focusing on decentralized infrastructure, security, privacy, and scalability in the Web3 space.

We're partnering with local universities and global communities to spotlight Web3 in the Baltics. We're offering opportunities to learn and connect with other developers before, during, and post-event through our local workshops, meetups, and more.

Why should you join?

  • $34k+ in bounties and prices
  • Exclusive web3 job opportunities
  • Access 15+ workshops and web3 discussions
  • Connect with web3 mentors and experts
  • Learn about new technologies with other enthusiasts
  • Get practical experience (that you can add to your CV!)
  • Meet new friends

Participants Profile

  • Developers
  • Designers (product designers, artists, UI/UX)
  • Team leaders, visionaries and founders
  • Business developers and marketing experts
  • Anyone interested in blockchain technologies

ETHTallinn Hackathon Tracks and Prizes

ETHTallinn is a hackathon focused on making the web3 space accessible and secure to everyone.


The hackathon is separated into 3 main tracks and we are looking for solutions around developing a better and more secure environment to bring the next wave of web3 adoption:


Showcase your skills by building decentralized infrastructures focused on inclusivity, accessibility, and ownership. Build a better user experience across the web by utilizing account abstraction, and similar technologies.



Explore the potential of technologies that prioritize privacy and security to create a safe and secure social and infrastructure environment backed by web3 technologies.



Improve the performance and efficiency of nodes and infrastructure, as well as explore Layer 2 solutions and interoperability between different blockchains.


Additional bounties: check out our Devfolio page.


Learn and connect with some of the leading minds in the web3 ecosystem and equip yourself with the necessary tools for success.



Supported and backed by some of the biggest organizations in the web3 space. Check our Devfolio page for the full list of partners.


Ready to build with us?

Join us in Tallinn, for a weekend-long building event where we will develop working prototypes in 48 hours. The registration for the hackathon is now OPEN - register through the link below.

🇬🇧 The hackathon is held in English.


What is the hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where people come together to solve problems through collaborative, hands-on work. Our hackathon lasts for 3-days, including the judging and awarding process.

Participants will be put in teams to come up with innovative solutions to a specific challenge. The goal is to develop prototypes or solutions by the end of the event.

Through brainstorming, collaboration and help from experienced mentors, all participants will be guided throughout the whole process.

We welcome ideas ranging from how to market web3 projects to the creation of applications on the blockchain. You can also join, if you don’t (yet) have an idea and want to join a team.

Where is the hackathon located?

ETHTallinn is hosted at the Estonian Business School in Tallinn, Estonia. There will be opportunities for hackers to join us virtually if you can't make it in person.

What can I do to prepare for the event?

Check out online resources for more skill-based workshops that might help you grow in your knowledge and experience in development and Web3. You might want to start thinking about the biggest problems you're most interested in solving and understand where Ethereum and Web3 technologies apply best. You can also attend any of our pre-hackathon workshops on our website. We'll share more details in our hacker guide which will be shared with all approved hackers.

Can I participate in the hackathon if I am not a developer?

Yes, you can! Our hackathon is open to hackers of all skill and education levels. We expect the majority of our hackers to be university students and early-stage professionals based in Estonia and the Baltics. We encourage those with both non-business and business experience, and those who can provide a range of help in projects like software development, smart contract development, full stack development, design, UX/UI, and even marketing. Since it is a more technical event, we encourage those in the software engineering tracks to apply and get the full experience to understand and implement our workshops.

Will there be food?

Of course! What's a hackathon without snacks, meals, energy drinks, and coffee to fuel your hacking all night (or just day) long?! We will provide the majority of meals you'll need to survive the full, amazing weekend.

What is the ETHTallinn vision?

Our mission is to bring together web3 enthusiasts and developers in Estonia to get practical with blockchain technology and meet like-minded people. We aim to grow and educate the web3 community in the Baltics.

At ETHTallinn, our focus is on digital assets & security - developing new ways how people can interact with digital services and exchange digital value in the most secure way.

Find us at:

Web3 wolves in the North: The blockchain community in Estonia 🇪🇪